Useful Resources

Tragic Gift Blog and Website

If you are just starting out with the theory, or working through your personal journey, the Tragic Gift website might be for you. This site is run by one of our podcast cohosts, and was designed to help people get familiar with the theory and start their learning journey, particularly adults who have overexcitabilities. The website has plain language summaries of Dabrowski’s theory, as well as personal stories of disintegration, life with overexcitability, and development, to help others going through similar experiences.

Positive Disintegration Website

This website called Positive Disintegration is run by Bill Tillier, and has a number of extracts, papers and explanations of the theory of positive disintegration. 


InterGifted is a community portal for gifted adults. They boast an international gifted community, online gifted assessment, as well as opportunities to connect with coaches and professionals.