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The Dąbrowski Center is dedicated to the advancement of the Theory of Positive Disintegration through advocacy, education, and innovation.

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The Dąbrowski Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the world a better place by removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting the science of personality development. We advocate, research, teach, protect, expand, and share Dr. Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration.

The Theory of Positive Disintegration is a developmental theory of personality development. The theory was developed by Kazimierz Dąbrowski (1902-1980), a psychologist and psychiatrist originally born in Poland. The central tenet of the theory is that the development of authentic personality occurs through a breakdown of earlier personality structures that are prescribed by society and culture. Because the breakdown of earlier identities, which Dąbrowski called disintegration, often involves differentiating from the roles, communities, and ways of thinking that one was previously familiar can be painful and challenging, significant interpersonal anguish, anxieties, and depressions can result. These symptoms represent the mental and psychological "growing pains" of becoming an authentic, ideal self, hence they are positive because they indicate movement towards one's true self. Thus, positive disintegration describes the process of personality development from unconscious and automatic living to growing toward an authentic and self-chosen ideal.

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The Dąbrowski Center is dedicated to reframing mental health and providing resources to those who desire to learn and grow. Our work is centered around Dąbrowski’s words and theory, as well as the work of his collaborators and modern scholars and practitioners. Discover and explore our resources!

The mission and vision of the dabrowski center


The mission of the Dąbrowski Center is to actively promote mental health through the application, exploration, research, and dissemination of the Theory of Positive Disintegration.  We want to help alleviate suffering by reframing mental illness through the lens of positive disintegration.


We personally know how powerful Dąbrowski’s theory can be for understanding and supporting a wide range of human experiences. The Dąbrowski Center is our way to give back, and provide a mirror to other intense individuals who are looking for answers, and the people who work with and care for them.


Values are at the heart of Dąbrowski’s work, and at what we do at the Dąbrowski Center. Our values guide the quality of relationships we wish to have with the community, and each other, and how we want to bring our authenticity to life as an organization.

Read more about our Mission, Vision, and dedication to mental health on the About Us page. You can also read through our nine Values which outline how we intend to ethically work with, and support, our community. Dabrowski placed values at the heart of his theory and his work, and so do we.

“Creating new values is a fundamental part of development. When we grow, we start to have a different view of reality and that leads us to reorder our value system. We create values by our self-observation, by our thinking, and by putting our ideals into practice. Discovering in ourselves higher levels of development, higher tendencies, and sensitivities, we simultaneously create them.”

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The Dabrowski Center is a completely not-for-profit organization that serves several communities of interest by providing resources, advocacy, and information about the Theory of Positive Disintegration. We provide these services through the generous and ongoing support of individuals just like you! Click the link below to learn about our ambitious projects and how you can help support this work!