2024 Dabrowski Congress

The 16th International Dabrowski Congress

We are delighted to announce the upcoming Dabrowski Congress, a biennial conference dedicated to exploring the theory of positive disintegration. Join us from July 11-13, 2024, for a virtual journey into the application, study, and lived experience of positive disintegration. Our theme for 2024 is Living the Theory.

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Event Highlights:

See below for more information on the keynote sessions. Click here for the current list of sessions
Dabrowski Congress 2024
  • Watch Parties and Regional Gatherings: While this is a virtual event, we're innovating to bring you closer together. Consider watching with friends and like-minded individuals. Experience the Congress on a shared screen, engage in discussions, and forge new connections.

  • In-person event with 2/3 Keynote Speakers in Denver, Colorado, USA: We're excited to announce we're planning to gather in-person in Denver. 

  • International Focus: We're committed to making this event truly international. Our sessions and workshops will be scheduled to accommodate participants from all corners of the world, ensuring accessible local times for everyone.

If you'd like to join us at the Denver Regional Gathering, you can make a hotel reservation at this link. We have a block of rooms available at the Hilton Garden Inn Denver/Cherry Creek for July 10-14, 2024.  

We'll be meeting in AAC 290 at the Anderson Academic Commons, University of Denver, 2150 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80208.

The call for proposals has closed and we will respond to everyone who submitted one by January 31, 2024. Thank you!

Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a transformative journey at the 16th International Dabrowski Congress in 2024. Stay tuned for updates and further details on this exceptional event.

More about the keynotes...

A recent mental health crisis spurs a life's queste and question: in the light of positive disintegration, can this crisis be understood as a precursor of a shift in levels? In this talk, Lotte shares her autobiographical journey to emotional awareness, relational intelligence and critical questioning of resonance with the TPD.

Lotte van Lith is a parent of a little yet big human being, a life partner and friend, a word smith and a creatively driven seeker oftentimes lost in her hunt of emotional shadows.

Lotte is active as a speaker, lecturer and trainer on the psychology, practice, and art of personal, relational, and creative development (amongst others at the School of Thinking at Free University of Brussels and the Buckminster College). In her own company, A Lot of Complexity, she accompanies intense adolescents and adults in their personal and creative growth spurts and regularly organizes lively seminars and courses on topics ranging from sense making and creative giftedness to emotional development. She is known for her work with the theory of positive disintegration, particularly in the field of giftedness, and received an award for her contributions by the Dutch Mensa Fund. In 2021, she published “Intens mens”, a collection of lyrical reflections on the above themes.

2024 is a collectively challenging year in which Lotte is embarking on a courageous, developmentally, and socially motivated existential-artistic quest for adaptive ways of living, relating and narrating, guided by a growing emotional and spiritual anchoredness. Curious? Lotte is open towards ideas for collaborations, research, and projects. Let's re-imagine our worlds together!

Click here for a preview on YouTube! In this session, Eric will share stories from his personal(ity) development journey—primarily through the lens of Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD). Eric will describe several disintegration episodes he’s experienced over his life-course, illustrating his continuous (and often frustrated) search for genuine meaning and purpose, periods of both uni-and multi-level development, how trauma (ancestral, personal, collective) has impacted his healing and growth, and his (at times wavering) commitment to realize all that he authentically can be. Eric will also expand (and balance) the TPD in the latter half of this presentation by introducing insights and practices from shamanic and energy work traditions—both of which can powerfully buttress and catalyze holistic psychological and spiritual growth. Attendees with leave this session inspired and equipped to continue their own authentic personal(ity) development journeys.

Eric Windhorst

Eric Windhorst, PhD, RP is a registered psychotherapist, ecopsychologist, counsellor, coach, and mentor. He specializes in serving the (neuro)divergent—outside-of-the-box folks, who identify, for example, as complex,creative, gifted, intense, and highly sensitive. While Eric helps his clients with a variety of challenges, he is passionate about working with individuals navigating through periods of significant personal(ity) growth, life transition, existential searching, and shifts in identity. Eric works holistically and eclectically, helping his clients connect with their inner nature (their true, deep, authentic selves) and outer nature (the wider, more-than-human world) to promote healing and growth (for all).

Click here for a preview on YouTube! In this session, Emma will take a light-hearted look at the light at the end of the tunnel of positive disintegration. Learning about the work of Kazimierz Dąbrowski provided Emma with a great tool for development, but every tool needs a user manual! By sharing her post-Dąbrowski tips, musings, and hacks, she will take a look at what life is like after a period of working on herself and applying the theory of positive disintegration to her life. Explore with Emma some of the things which might help keep you focussed on the light during your own disintegrative journey!

Emma is a business analyst by day, and content creator by night (kind of like Batman, without the crime). She is the Vice President of the Dabrowski Center, cohost of the Positive Disintegration podcast, and creates content on overexcitabilities and the theory of positive disintegration for her website Tragic Gift and YouTube channel Adults With Overexcitabilities.

Exploring problems and finding solutions is her daily bread and butter, and she has a knack for simplifying technical information so it can be easily shared with others. She is also a creative soul, with zero cares about sharing skeletons in the closet, if it will help someone else. Most importantly, she has an un-killable passion for promoting the theory of positive disintegration to help people feel supported and understood.