Emma Nicholson



Emma Nicholson is a business analyst who lives in Sydney, Australia. She is the co-host of the Positive Disintegration podcast and creates content for everyday people learning about the theory of positive disintegration and overexcitabilities for her website Tragic Gift, and YouTube channel, Adults With Overexcitabilities.



I started to learn about the theory of positive disintegration, overexcitabilities, and neurodiversity a few years ago when I had a disintegration which forced me to re-think who I was. In my search for answers, I came across Dabrowski’s work, and explained to me not only my experience of the world, but why had struggled so much to be “normal.” It explained everything from my difference growing up as a gifted kid, through to my difficulties with my mental health as an adult.

The more I researched and spoke with others, the more I felt this theory applied to how I view the world, but finding plain-language materials to explain the theory was difficult. I saw an opportunity to simplify and share the information out there, making it more practical and relevant to others on a similar journey of self-discovery. Although I do not have an academic background, one thing I knew I could offer people was to share my experiences and stories. I also leverage my project management skills and techniques to help make sense of the theory and apply it to daily life.

It’s my aim in life to make the theory of positive disintegration accessible and easy, so it’s transformative magic can be shared with as many people as possible.

This journey reminded me that I have a distinct place and value in the world, and that I have practical things which I can bring to the table within the Dabrowski community. My message in sharing my story is that I want others to appreciate their value and the impact of their unique contribution on those around them. I want to help people feel supported and understood, hopefully a little less vulnerable about their place in the world.

Emma Nicholson