Kirkus Review of No Guarantees: With her parents as role models, Campbell is hellbent on becoming addicted: beer at age seven, pot at age ten, blackouts, cocaine, and suicide attempts by eighth grade, dealing by ninth, and rehabilitation by the end of high school. Remarkably, this maturely written account (albeit occasionally burdened by "and then" details) is published only 18 months later, a feat attributable to Campbell's almost frightening brilliance and leadership. While addicted, she was for the most part an excellent student (and master liar/denier) in both Catholic and public schools—she even competed in national competitions and was invited to Bush's inaugural festivities (but was so obsessed with drugs that she turned around and came home). Now in college, Campbell offers a natural-sounding memoir and journal entries that are both revealing and cautionary: though furious with her parents, it's evident how much she still needs them; and though "on the wagon," she's left with heart damage from her risky behavior.

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