Episode 18: Engaging Transformation

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson, with guest Rachel Fell

Release date: August 19, 2022

In episode 18, Chris and Emma were joined by Rachel Fell, a coach, consultant, educator, and guide working with creatives, thinkers, leaders, and groups to create perspective change that achieves real-world results.

The focus of this episode was on disintegration, giftedness, neurodivergence, and trauma.

We discussed nervous system differences, definitions of trauma, and the importance of embracing the process.

When does sensitivity become fragility? How do you learn to respect and embrace your intensities? How do you recognize your stress and sensitivity as it starts to show itself in your body? How can you rebuild neural pathways that have been laid down in your childhood? How can inner reflection help you develop empathy and, in turn, make the world a better place?

Rachel talks about developing inner authority, reclaiming ‘the seat’ of your authority from the external, and bringing it back to the internal. The process of developing inner authority, and breaking down external ideas and values, mirrors Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration—breaking down external socialization, reclaiming your authenticity through inner reflection, and establishing your own hierarchy of values.

Bio: Rachel Fell is a coach, consultant, educator, and facilitator based in the Midwest US working nationally and internationally (remote, via Zoom). She’s available for in-person engagements upon request. In addition to working with gifted and neurocomplex adults on self-leadership and holistic identity integration, Rachel also works with businesses, teams, and independent entrepreneurs on brand, communications, cultural, leadership, and organizational development initiatives.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Rachel’s website

Rachel on Instagram

SoulSpark Learning Empowerment Series 2020 (on YouTube)

Five Benefits of Creativity in Positive Disintegration (Emma’s finger-painting video)