Episode 20: Values

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson

Release date: October 19, 2022

This episode wraps up year one of our podcast! It has been a privilege to share Dabrowski’s theory with our audience, and we want to thank you for listening and becoming a part of our community. In episode 20, Chris and Emma explored the values that guide the Dabrowski Center, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Theory of Positive Disintegration through advocacy, education, and innovation.

The values discussed in this episode include:

Truthful—We strive for accurate representation and preservation of Dabrowski’s work and to deal with people in a straightforward and kind manner.

Authentic—We will be authentic in our speech and actions and in our desire to promote mental health and help others. We maintain this desire to help others as our primary focus.

Inclusive—We are inclusive of everyone and affirming of their identity and personal experiences. We stand against bigotry, harassment, and discrimination.

Kindness—We strive to act in a way that seeks to do no harm. We will act with altruism, humanity, and promote the good of others.

Connecting—We aim to bring people together and forge a community based on respect and friendship.

Honorable—We act in an ethical manner, with integrity, fairness, and transparency, and speak up against those who do not.

Supportive—We support people in their educational journey, making information accessible and available, and providing ways for people to seek guidance and help.

Encouraging—We will encourage people who seek new ways to explore, present, research, and work with the theory of positive disintegration.

Bold—We will be bold, brave, and innovative in our mission to bring the theory of positive disintegration to the world in new ways.