Episode 26: Experiences Being Profoundly Gifted, Part 2

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson with guests Nth Bar-Fields and Joi Lin

Release date: January 10, 2023

In episode 26, we continued the conversation with Nth Bar-Fields and Joi Lin in the second half of our two-part series about their experiences as profoundly gifted individuals.

In Part 2, we talked about health and mental health issues, including experiences with substances and addiction. We discussed how being neurodivergent can also lead to diversity in the realm of physical health and how medical providers may not be equipped to deal with our needs.

We mentioned the overexcitabilities and how they manifest in our lives. We acknowledged that these intense experiences and curiosity might lead us to want to explore things in both the inner and outer worlds.

We also talked about saving the world. How we can do our own small part locally, playing to our strengths, and the value of collaborating with other gifted people to make a real difference within our communities and globally.

Nth's bio: Nathan “Nth” Bar-Fields is the founder of Elysian Trust. He originally worked in the nonprofit management sector. There, he helped organizations with worthwhile causes achieve their missions while remaining solvent. Aside from his past work as a fundraiser and data analyst for several organizations, he worked as a nuclear engineering tech for the US Navy and was a team leader for the think tanks, Idea-Connection and Hard Problems Consulting. Nth has been tested and studied for high-range cognitive abilities at U.C. Berkeley, MIT, and the University of Virginia—a few of which demonstrated the highest possible score on the tests administered.

Joi's bio: Joi Lin is finishing her last year as a PhD student of Gifted Education Leadership at the University of Denver, where she works to support the career development and well-being of the gifted, and the professionals who support us. And fun fact, Joi first met Dr. Chris Wells, in 2018, at an OEQ-II training offered by the Gifted Development Center.

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Chris’s episode with Jen Harvey Sallin on Conversations on Gifted Trauma was mentioned because that episode was recorded the morning of the episodes with Nth and Joi.

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