Episode 28: Positive Disintegration in Organizations

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson with guest Kate Arms

Release date: February 13, 2023

In episode 28, Chris and Emma were joined by Kate Arms, JD, PCC, for a discussion on what positive disintegration looks like in organizations and workplaces. How are organizational dynamics similar to positive disintegration in individuals?

Kate’s approach to her work is one where the business itself, or the “system,” is considered the coaching client, and she observes not only the individuals but also the interactions between them. She feels that dynamisms show up as much in the interactions, and leadership, as in the individuals.

A business, start-up, or organization can move through the levels of development—from the first grumblings of discontent in the workforce to a place of shared accountability and vision—and can transform. They are also prone to their own three factors; the start-up dream of the founders, the external pressures (like customers and market forces), and the emerging “third factor” of a growing workforce culture and shared vision.

Kate shared tips for employees and employers for dealing with positive disintegration. We discussed the difficulty of being overexcitable and working in organizations where the individual is forced to conform and toe the line. We also talked about positive maladjustment, and the good that can come when a business or non-profit tackles social issues and works to create change in the world.

Bio: Kate Arms is a warrior for the human spirit, a writer, teacher, and speaker. She makes a living primarily as a leadership development and agility coach in tech and as an individual coach for people with high levels of overexcitability and writes about creating self-coaching organizations in the online newsletter, Psychological Safety at Scale

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