Episode 38: Quick Bite, Regret

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson

Release date: August 7, 2023

We’ve added Quick Bites to our podcast offerings to allow Chris and Emma the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with brevity. In episode 38, the first Quick Bite episode, they tackled the issue of regret. How do we confront past decisions that haunt us? How can we use the feeling of regret as an opportunity to move forward and transform ourselves?

First, we talked about the evolution of the language we use based on the realization that our words were unkind or unacceptable. And we explored navigating our digital footprint through the lens of regret, such as our old social media posts and other things we’ve said that remain online as testaments to our former selves.

We discussed learning to accept feedback and correction from a gratitude perspective. Learning that we’ve done something wrong gives us a chance to do better. We all make mistakes and can use our errors as opportunities for growth and personal evolution.

We addressed dealing with the emotional consequences of relationship issues and conflicts. When people are no longer in our lives, and we can’t get closure, we can still find peace and forgive ourselves. We can transform guilt and regret into action. And we can practice self-compassion and kindness toward ourselves.

For more on ableist language in everyday speech: Why You Need to Stop Using these Words and Phrases by Rakshitha Arni Ravishankar.

Chris mentioned doing an autoethnography, and you can read more about that project in a paper called The Primary Importance of the Inner Experience of Giftedness [PDF].

There was a shout-out to Dan Tichenor and his message, “Be kind to yourself.” Episode 14 with Michele Kane on Relationships and Vulnerability was mentioned.

Let us know if you have a topic to suggest for a future Quick Bite episode via email at positivedisintegration.pod@gmail.com.