Episode 43: Quick Bite, Trauma and Disintegration

Chris Wells & Emma Nicholson

Release date: October 3, 2023

In episode 43, Chris and Emma delved into the topic of trauma and disintegration, spurred by a question from our Facebook community. We discussed that while trauma can act as a catalyst for disintegration, it is not a prerequisite. Disintegration can also be triggered by other life events, such as a spiritual awakening or the recognition of social injustices that demand action.

We emphasize that personal growth is more closely linked to the experience of dynamisms rather than trauma alone. Living through trauma doesn't guarantee growth; it's the internal dynamisms that play a pivotal role in one's development.

Our conversation also covered the third factor dynamism, a key element guiding an individual's development toward higher or more ethical choices. We explored how self-reflection and value alignment contribute to this complex decision-making process. We encouraged listeners to not only ponder their core values but to also assess whether their actions genuinely align with those beliefs—are you walking your talk?

We acknowledged that stepping out of one's comfort zone is often easier said than done. Real transformation involves a multi-faceted approach: deep self-reflection, choices that align with your values, and a concerted effort to break free from unproductive habits and behaviors.

Looking ahead, we're excited to announce “Ask Me Anything” episodes. We invite our listeners to submit their questions with the subject or hashtag #AskMeAnything. You can connect with us through Facebook, Instagram, or via email at positivedisintegration.pod@gmail.com. We look forward to your engagement as we continue to explore the many dimensions of positive disintegration.

Links from this episode

We discussed Dr. Michael M. Piechowski and the thread that runs through his writing about “the work of inner transformation.” We’re planning an Interesting Quotes post on that topic.

Emma’s video on Planning Authentic Action With a Process Flow covers the topic of thinking about how you will walk your talk.

The Neurodiversity Podcast was mentioned.