Fame & Fragility: A Creative Exploration of Positive Disintegration and the Lived Experience

By Lily Jedynak, PhD

This pre-recorded video presentation draws directly on Lil’s autoethnography when she became famous at the tender age of nineteen. An intense experience in the public arena combined with acute personal anxiety behind the scenes makes for a unique case study. Fame is explored as a precarious state of lostness: of many difficult feelings that have no clear direction; a melting pot of impediments to growth and acceleration of growth amid massive expectations, pressures, and responsibilities. Other themes explored are perfectionism, masking, performance, idealism, spirituality, dissociation, and disintegration. This creative presentation depicts an incredible time of personal growth with limited support and understanding.

Lily Jedynak, Ph.D. is an EPG, INFJ, multipotentialite living in Adelaide, South Australia. She holds six university degrees in music, art, and creative writing. She has been an educator, coach, and business mentor for decades. She loves making a big mess in her art studio, playing the piano, and writing about the gifted experience. You can find Lily on Substack at @drlilyjedynak.