Finding Strength in Adversity Through Positive Disintegration

By Zawadi Kimari

The growing body of knowledge has found increasing evidence to the fact that childhood trauma is associated with ADHD, exacerbating and predicting some of the symptoms. Through my 7 years of experience offering individual care as well as facilitating the only adult ADHD group in Kenya this link has been observed often. it is with this then that I aim to unpack through clinical experience the nexus of this association backing it up with the studies that have been conducted on the same.

During the presentation I shall explore the different traumas and how they impact ADHD symptom patterns as well as different therapeutic modalities I have found effective. I shall conclude by exploring different areas of consideration to help prevent and/or reduce the impact of trauma among individuals.

Zawadi Kimari is a Clinical Psychologist based in Nairobi Kenya. Passionate about neurodivergence and traumatology, she has expansive knowledge in supporting and management of ADHD and various forms of trauma in addition to other mental health difficulties. She is keen on advancements of empirical, evidence based approaches towards bolstering mental health wellness. Zawadi serves as the research committee secretary for EMDR Kenya as well as the main facilitator of the adult ADHD support group in Kenya. A Masters in Clinical Psychology holder from the University of Nairobi, she received her bachelors in the same institution attaining a first class honours.