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The Dabrowski Center advocates, researches, teaches, protects, expands, and shares Dr. Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration. We provide curated resources for the benefit of all who want to learn about the theory and for those who wish to apply it in their practice or personal lives. 

The four main resources below are the Dabrowski and Piechowski archives, the research paper and article library, and the Positive Disintegration podcast.

We host a variety of activities, such as a biennial conference dedicated to the application, research, and lived experience of the Theory of Positive Disintegration. We also host a subscription newsletter on Substack, where you will receive unique content for paid subscribers. The podcast is also available on major podcast platforms, such as Apple and Spotify

Written Sources

Explorations of Dabrowski's work, including simplified summaries for those new to the theory,  selected extracts from his works grouped by topic, and reviews and links to his published works.

Dr. Michael M. Piechowski is a gifted education scholar, and worked as a collaborator with Dr. Dąbrowski from 1967-1975. This archive contains copies of his works, including those which became chapters in Dąbrowski's books.

Explore a large collection of research papers and articles. There are extracts, papers documenting research on tests and applications of the theory, and a wealth of research relating to overexcitabilities. 

Podcast and Media

Listen to episodes of the Positive Disintegration Podcast, which explores the theory from various perspectives with guests, and view written transcripts from episodes

View videos of all keynote speakers and contributors from the 2022 Dabrowski Congress, covering various topics on the theory, and stories of lived experience. Look out for the 2024 Dabrowski Congress coming soon!

Issues of the Dabrowski Center monthly newsletter

Links to other useful websites and resources outside of the Dabrowski Center

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