The Tedx Journey as an Adult with OEs

By Meghan Bonde

Have you ever considered sharing an idea as a speaker? Becoming a Tedx speaker is a challenging and rewarding experience for many, and experiencing the process as an adult with OE's adds a unique perspective. Walk away from this engaging story of the Tedx journey with an increased understanding of the Tedx process from the lens of a twice exceptional adult. Learn about the opportunities to leverage strengths connected to OE's, as well as examples of how to navigate the challenges that can present when sharing an idea with the world as a speaker with intensities. 

Meghan Bonde, a Tedx speaker and founder of Team Neurodivergent, is a trailblazer in co-creating systems to ensure exceptional employees grow and thrive at mission driven organizations. As a creative, empathetic, and courageous leader, she has influenced thousands of leaders globally through her facilitation of transformational learning with a focus on equity and inclusion. Meghan creates meaningful change and unlocks the potential of individuals and organizations alike. Beyond her professional pursuits, Meghan is a FAM JAM dancer, podcaster, and lifelong learner. She is most proud of her leadership successes within her amazing, neurodivergent family.